Monday, April 8, 2024

My Designs Roaming Free!

Hello Beautiful Friends!

Just got back from an awe inspiring journey to India. The people are so colorful, the food is spicy and the architecture sings in gemstones! We just happened to be there for Holi - the all community celebration of color and JOY! A great creative refuel, to be sure.

I returned home to find message from some creatives who have used my fabric and wallpaper designs for various projects. I thought it would be fun to share with you.

My new friend Darlene sent these image of her new valances, skillfully created by Rose Morgan of NC. She used my Autumn Sunnies on Brick Red to complement her warm kitchen wall color. 

Next, Carmen of 'Auntie Carms Creeations' on Facebook designed these Ribbon Skirts using my Valentine Confetti & Hearts on Black fabric. She even created some cute coasters with the left over fabric!

Finally, Audry T. chose my Jubilant Wallpaper to add some Springtime to her TV room. Adding self-adhesive wallpaper from my Raspberry Creek Fabrics Shop to the built-ins was an easy and affordable way to update this space!

Enjoy your Spring, friends. And please keep those project images coming! I love to see what you create with my designs.

Peace, Love, and Creativity, 

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