Monday, July 8, 2024

Happy Summer, Friends! What's New?

Hello Beautiful Friends!
Carlsbad Seawall, Carlsbad, CA by Lopez

Carlsbad Seawall, Carlsbad, California


It's been awhile since I have updated you on the happenings. Sorry about that! Life comes at you fast and in waves sometimes. I am sure you can relate. 

Since we last met, my #1 Grandbubble graduated from High School 😢 I'm not crying, you're crying...It's not that I cannot believe how fast time flies, but I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! So much good stuff ahead for her. 

I have squeezed in time to update my shops and stores and even to paint, just for fun! If you are with me on Instagram, you may have seen my #SketchbookGirls series. I am challenging myself to practice faces and figures, but with my usual expressive twist. I'd love to hear your comments on the ladies. Which one is your favorite?

These illustrations are actually really fun, using mixed media and trying new things. Summer, after all is a time for exploring!

Here are a few of the latest products and design offerings I have created since last we met:

New and ReStocked Scarves! 
Visit my Etsy Shop or find them in the Sciarpa! Shop on my website.

Magic Mint Floral on Black Scarf
Magic Mint Floral on Black Scarf

Mona Blues Scarf
Mona Blues Scarf

Make Way For Joy Floral Sciarpa! Scarf by JLopez
Make Way For Joy Scarf

New Pillows and Home Decor!

Color Party Pillows, Covers, Bedding

Sparkling Gold Spiral Sun Wallpaper on Black

Vintage Star Power Wallpaper
Vintage Star Power Wallpaper

Garden Waltz Wallpaper by JLopez
Garden Waltz Wallpaper 

Fresh Catch - Lobster Red Crustaceans Tablecloth
Fresh Catch - Lobster Red Crustaceans Tablecloth

Find more new goodies in my Spoonflower Shop , my Raspberry Creek Fabrics Shop and my Etsy Shop.

Well, back to the easel. There is more fun to be had and more designs to finish as we approach Back To School. Yikes. I said it. 

I'd love to know how your Summer has been so far. What has been the highlight? Please leave a comment and give me all the details!

Have a Wonderful, Safe and Happy Summer!

Peace, Love, and Creativity, 

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