Tuesday, July 25, 2023

How to Find Coordinate Fabrics on Raspberry Creek Fabrics!

Hello Beautiful Friends!

I have a quick tip for finding coordinating fabrics and wallpapers in my shop on Raspberry Creek Fabrics
If you find a design you love, look in the description or the tags for the name of its Collection. Some designers put this information in the description, some in the tags. See the example below. I highlighted the collection in black.

Next, copy and paste this collection name into the search bar in the upper left corner like this:

Once you put the information in the search bar, a drop down menu will give you a glimpse of any designs under that collection name. NOTE: There may be more than one collection with the same name, so look for the designer listed with each design. You can click on individual items in the drop down, or just hit enter in the search bar and you will see something like this page:

All designs with this collection name will show up on a new page! You can check the filter Browse by Designer area at the left of the page to see if you are dealing with just one designer or more. 

That's It!

I hope this helps you navigate Raspberry Creek Fabrics. Chances are if you find a fabric or wallpaper you love, there are coordinates that will add to your project. 

Have fun!

Peace, Love, and Creativity, 

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