Thursday, March 30, 2023

Italian Inspired Tile Designs Are Coming! And 20% OFF Wallpaper!

Hello Beautiful Friends!

It's a lovely, rainy day here in San Diego. I prefer to BE cool and THINK warm. 😊

I am reliving our Italian vacation through design this week. I entered the Italian Villa challenge (see the winners here) at Spoonflower and it sparked my creative juices! I have more in the works, but these tiles would make a great, affordable and creative way to update a kitchen backsplash, dress up a bookcase and so much more.
Here are a few of the tile designs I created this week.

Lemon Olive Argyle Tile

Lemon Blossom & Olive Tile

Lemon Olive Argyle Tile

Abstract Greige Tile

That last one isn't really Italian-inspired, but I was in the Zone to I tried something a little modern and abstract. What do you think?

As I said, tile designs are a great way to get the tiled backsplash look and if you use the Peel and Stick wallpaper option from  Spoonflower, you can even use it in an apartment or temporary space. It removes easily and can really add charm to your space. 

I also love that you can coordinate the wallpaper with home decor, like tablecloths, napkins, tea towels, etc. The ideas are endless!

Not all of these designs are available just yet, (coming soon) but I have others designs ready to go. Check out my shop on Spoonflower to see all the new designs and product offerings. (You can click the "Not Yet For Sale" tab to see what is coming soon)

Plus, here's a BONUS:

There is a Sale on Wallpaper now thru April 2, 2023 on Spoonflower! No coupon code needed. Just shop and SAVE 20% on ALL WALLPAPER ROLLS, even peel and stick!

Please leave me a comment below with your thoughts on these designs or ideas for designing with wallpaper or message me on @goinsirebeauty on Instagram!

Stay warm and enjoy the weather wherever you are!

Peace, Love, and Creativity, 


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